International Solidarity Movement/Rachel Corrie bleg:

I have several questions for which I was hoping the VC's well-informed readers could provide definitive citations. All the statements below are things that I have read or heard about the Rachel Corrie case and the International Solidarity Movement. I would appreciate any reader who could supply solid citations to affirm (or disprove) any of the following statements:

1. The International Solidarity Movement is an overseas extension of the Palistinian Solidarity Movement.

2. The ISM/PSM was/were founded by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

3. On the fatal day that Corrie and her fellow ISM activists went to obstruct the Israeli bulldozer, they may well have believed that a pharmacist's home was the intended target. However, there is no evidence with contradicts the Israeli government's report stating that the operational objective was clearing brush, not home demolition.

4. The only eye-witnesses who statements support the claim that the bulldozer operator saw Corrie are ISM members.

Please don't use the comments to debate the Corrie case, or Israel issues in general. Please do supply information about the accuracy of the four statements supra.