First Questions on First Monday:
Today was the first day of oral argument in the new Term, and the Supreme Court held argument in two cases. The same Justice was the first to ask questions in each. Who was it?
The Chief
10.1.2007 10:40pm
Tony Tutins (mail):
I thought it was going to defy expectation and be Thomas. Not a trick question though.
10.1.2007 10:48pm
Dave N (mail):
I agree with Tony Tutins. I thought it was a trick question and the answer was Justice Thomas, particularly after the other Thomas threads today.
10.2.2007 12:06am
Milbarge (mail) (www):
Note also that the Chief Justice interrupted himself in the middle of a question when the red light went off. Now that's adhering to the time limits!
10.2.2007 12:27am
Duffy Pratt (mail):
Is someone trying to create a nerdiest post competition. This rivals the Cert Pool post...
10.2.2007 1:38am