More Cool Non-Law Blogs:

1. A very erudite blog run by Professor John Granger, who is so knowledgeable, hard-working, and good-hearted that he is undoubtedly a distant relative of Hermione Granger. Be sure to check out the blogroll too for more excellent Potter sites, especially the excellent Sword of Gryffindor.

2. The Anchoress. Musings on life, ethics (and sometimes current events) from an intelligent Roman Catholic perspective.

On the Anchoress, take two edrosos, you'll feel better in the morning.
9.29.2007 8:45am
Rick Garnett (mail):
An "intelligent Roman Catholic" perspective? David, you repeat yourself. =-)
9.29.2007 9:03am
Kopel: Do you consider her rant on the true wisdom of the US invading Iraq intelligent?
9.29.2007 10:36am
LarrySheldon (mail):
I'm thinking "intelligent Roman Catholic" needs a comma.

And for mobathome: Not commenting on that particular piece (I don't remember reading it) but as a generalization, much of the error and nonsense I read and hear id from apparently intelligent people. You yourself are proof positive that it is possible to be intelligent and wrong.

On the other hand, has anybody ever claimed to have made a truly brilliant mistake?
9.29.2007 12:12pm
While I understand (and agree with) the description, "intelligent Roman Catholic" is a bit tone deaf, like "articulate African-American"...or "compassionate conservative" ;)
9.29.2007 12:27pm
Orthodox Roman Catholic, perhaps, but harsh. Not charitable. (Incharitable? Uncharitable?)
9.29.2007 3:28pm
Excellent stuff.

So what happened to the Dementors after Voldemort's defeat? Do they hide in barrows and wait for unwary travellers? Do they haunt abandoned ice houses or join travelling carnivals a la Ray Bradbury? Do they put on three-piece suits and practice corporate law?
9.30.2007 2:50pm