A Huge Amount of Data on Supreme Court Justices,

on Northwestern law professor Lee Epstein's Web site. Way cool.

cmn (mail) (www):
Guess you missed Orin's Thursday post?

We're all still waiting for the story behind that flyswatter (sledgehammer?)....
9.28.2007 7:48pm
Zacharias (mail):

If you're young enough and repeat the following phrases enough times, you may train your ear:

huge numbers of data
many data
data is, data are
9.28.2007 8:45pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Zacharias: You're free to have whatever ears you please; I'm just not sure why I should train mine to be like yours.
9.28.2007 9:45pm
cmn (mail) (www):
Anyway Zach, if you're taking that line, shouldn't it be datum is, data are?
9.28.2007 10:24pm
Larry Fafarman (mail) (www):
I don't think that this data collection is cool at all. It is mostly useless trivia. Some of the data is missing because it is so trivial that it was never recorded.

The most striking data characteristic of the present Supreme Court is the gross overrepresentation of graduates of Ivy League law schools, particularly Harvard Law School. Five justices graduated from Harvard Law School, one attended Harvard Law School but graduated from Columbia Law School, and two graduated from Yale Law School. Only one justice graduated from a non-Ivy League Law School, Northwestern. Also, the two justices who most recently left the Supreme Court, Rehnquist and O'Connor, both graduated from Stanford Law School. IMO we need much more diversity in the law school representation on the Supreme Court.
9.29.2007 6:32am