Cool Blogs -- Outside Law, Public Policy, and Politics:

A few of my cobloggers and I decided to pitch some of our favorite non-law, non-public-policy, non-politics blogs. Here are two that I highly recommend:

1. GeekPress, mostly cool science and technology stories. A sample, from the current front page -- go to the site itself for links:

"The top 10 hand gestures you'd better get right". (Via GMSV.)

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If you stand far enough away from this image you will see the Mona Lisa. (Via BBspot.)

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The politics of time zones. (Via SciTechDaily.)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Positive review of tonight's premier of Bionic Woman.

posted by Paul @ 12:12 PM

"The Man Who Saved the World by Doing... Nothing" ...

(As you can tell, law, public policy, and politics infects even GeekPress, but still it's mostly science and tech stuff.)

2. Language Log, which, as you might guess, is about language and is written by linguists. An excerpt can't do it justice -- go there and take a look.

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David Huberman (mail):
One of my interests is news and magazine publishing, and I like Romenesko.
9.27.2007 3:37pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Yes, GeekPress is terrific. Comics-oriented readers should look at "Chris' Invincible Super-Blog" ( It's a riot.
9.27.2007 3:45pm
U.Va. 3L:
If you enjoy college football, then Every Day Should Be Saturday ( is a must-read.
9.27.2007 3:52pm
Geek Press just looks like a rehashing of top posts, plus google ads. Buried as lame.
9.27.2007 5:31pm
Stating the Obvious (mail):
"If you stand far enough away from this image you will see the Mona Lisa. (Via BBspot.)"

Well, that's obvious. If you stand far enough away that you're next to the Mona Lisa...
9.27.2007 5:47pm
Note the unintended irony in the GeekPress post regarding Raytheon's pain generator:

They are quick, clean, cheap, easy to use and, most importantly, leave no marks. What would happen if they fell into the hands of unscrupulous nations where torture is not unknown?

Like, say, this one?
9.27.2007 7:36pm
Cute Overload ( takes the cake
9.27.2007 10:28pm
spring (mail):
I've enjoyed all your suggested sites.
This a fun environmental site with a twist.
9.28.2007 12:27am
LM (mail):
War stories and other fun stuff from a long time TV sitcom writer (Mash, Cheers, Frazier, The Simpsons, etc.).
9.28.2007 1:15am
Hear, hear! Every (weekday) morning, I read the Volokh Conspiracy first, and Language Log second.
9.28.2007 11:53am