Lexicographer Erin McKean Guest-Blogging:

I'm delighted to say that Erin McKean will be guest-blogging here this week. Ms. McKean is the Oxford University Press's Chief Consulting Editor for American Dictionaries; the editor in chief of the New Oxford American Dictionary (2d ed.); the author or coauthor of Weird and Wonderful Words, More Weird and Wonderful Words, Totally Weird and Wonderful Words, and That's Amore; and the author of both the Dictionary Evangelist blog and the A Dress a Day blog. She reports that she'll be blogging this week about Dictionary Myths, "the things people fervently believe about dictionaries, but sadly, aren't true."

arthur (mail):
Eugene, nothing against Ms. McKean, but you are very easily delighted.
9.24.2007 12:51pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Recall that there's a selection bias here: First, I'm unusually likely to post about something when I'm delighted by it (or annoyed by it or have some other strong reaction to it). Second, I try to invite only delightful people to guest-blog. So don't overestimate my tendency to be delighted -- it's just that things that bore me or have no effect on me are less likely to get blogged about, and people who bore me or have no effect on me are less likely to guest-blog.
9.24.2007 2:03pm
And she's also pretty good looking.

Man alive, I would love a Hot Lexicographer of the Month calendar.
9.24.2007 2:26pm