Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta Preview:

The securities law case mentioned by Todd below, Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta is an extremely important case, probably the most important securities law case in the past decade. On Friday, October 5, the Center for Business Law & Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, in conjunction with the Federalist Society's Corporate Law practice group, will be sponsoring a half-day conference previewing the case. Oral argument is scheduled for the following week.

The Case Stoneridge conference will provide a preview of the case and the surrounding legal and policy issues. Among the confirmed speakers are Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA), Barbara Black (UCinncinati), Richard Painter (Minnesota), Jay Brown (UDenver), Andrea Seidt (Ohio AAG), and Eric Isaacson (Coughlin Stoia), with more to follow. The conference will be webcast, and 3.5 hours of Ohio CLE credit will be available. More details are available here.

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Maxine (mail) (www):
He was forced to make a "Business" decision by outsiders, not an academic one.

You, of all people, should know full well the draconian Personnel policies and procedures of the closed-shop we call "UC".

Look at all the shenannigans that Chancellor Young (UCLA) got away with !!! Never once was there even the hint of termination for Young. And, we all know why: $$$$$$$$$ with each new scandal Young was able to line up-yet another million dollar donation.

It's all about the money with UC, not to mention they are loving the publicity.

Lil ol' country-bumpkin UCI makes the New York Times---they've hit the big leagues now!
9.14.2007 6:41pm
LM (mail):

You're commenting on the wrong post.
9.14.2007 8:11pm