Sunday Song Lyric:
Speaking of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, they are one of the many acts to record the classic song "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" (lyrics by Holt Marvell, music by Harry Link and Jack Strachey). Here, for instance, is Brubeck performing the song in 1959. "These Foolish Things" was a hit for artists ranging from Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday to Bing Crosby and Bryan Ferry, the latter of which used the song as the title track for his 1973 album of covers. Here's a taste of Holt Marvell's lyrics begin:
A cigarette that bears a lipstick's traces
An airline ticket to romantic places
And still my heart has wings
These foolish things remind me of you

A tinkling piano in the next apartment
Those stumblin' words that told you what my heart meant
A fairground's faded swings
These foolish things remind me of you

You came, you saw, you conquered me
When you did that to me
I knew somehow that this had to be
It's worth noting that different artists performed slightly different versions of the song, so there is more than one version of the lyrics.
byomtov (mail):
Great stuff.
9.9.2007 10:39pm
Nat King Cole has a great version of it.
9.10.2007 1:03am
JosephSlater (mail):
I've always been a fan of the Bryan Ferry version.
9.10.2007 11:29am
freddy mclain (mail):
Where is the last verse? This is a standard AABA format. You forgot the final verse.
9.10.2007 4:12pm
Vinegar Hill:

From memory:

The winds of March that make my heart a dancer.
The telephone that rings but who's to answer.
Oh, how the ghost of you clings;
These foolish things remind me of you.

PS I think he added a "that" in his last line.

I'm ambivalent about Ferry's version. I like it the way it was performed before he did his version.
9.11.2007 2:07pm
Mitchell Freedman (mail) (www):
Best version ever:

Ella Fitzgerald's version. It's a knock out, with Ella adding a verse or two that are witty and poignant at the same time.
9.11.2007 8:04pm