American Constitution Society's Student Article Topic Database:

ACS just set it up, and already has 76 topics.

This is an excellent idea; I hope that people continue contributing topics, and that students use the topics. I tried something similar several years ago, and found it quite hard to get good submissions. But I wish ACS all the best with this, and commend them on trying (and, with the first batch of submissions, succeeding).

So please submit topics if you have some to recommend, and search or browse for topics if you're looking for something to write about. Naturally, the topics will largely end up being focused largely on those matters that interest ACS's largely liberal constituency, but that strikes me as perfectly fine.

Tony Tutins (mail):
This reminds me that another valuable student topic resource, U.S. Law Week's Circuit Split Roundup, has been MIA since 2004. Prepared, I think, by Goldstein and Howe, the CSR was especially valuable to Moot Court Boards, who have to devise problems with substantial amounts of caselaw on both sides, to be fair to both Petitioners and Respondents, as they research and draft their briefs.
8.23.2007 7:57pm