Back-to-School Blawg Review:

The syllabus is here.

I am signing up for #309, weakest legal arguments.

I had another lawyer motion for comtempt against my client in federal court for failing to allow discovery prior to the time allowed in the court rules. I sent him three letters pointing out how the state and federal rules differed on that point.

The judge made us come in and argue on the record. The other lawyer said he really wanted to take the discovery right away.

The judge held up the court rules and pointed at them. The other lawyer got really mad at me.
8.22.2007 10:48am
Harriet Miers' Law Partner:
I think the second sentence should read "I had another lawyer move for contempt[.]"
8.22.2007 1:34pm
Maybe. I meant it as "he filed a formal motion".

We use "Motion" and "Motioned" up here to mean the act of filing the formal motion document.
8.22.2007 1:43pm