Medals? Why the #!*@ Are You Giving Us Medals?

The AP reports:

Malaysia gave a hero's send-off Monday to Lucky and Flo, honoring the two DVD-sniffing dogs with medals as they ended a six-month assignment that netted 1.6 million illegal movie discs.

The two black Labradors looked puzzled when a multitude of press photographers' flash bulbs went off as Malaysia's deputy trade minister S. Veerasingham placed medals around their necks....

The world's first dogs trained to identify optical discs by the scent of their chemicals, Lucky and Flo were loaned to the Malaysian government in March by the Motion Picture Association, a U.S.-based watchdog.

This also reminds me of a line attributed to Clarence Darrow:

A story often told about Darrow is his quip to a client, who, after winning a case, said, "How can I ever show my appreciation, Mr. Darrow?" Darrow replied, "Ever since the Phoenicians invented money, there has been only one answer to that question."

Let's just say that Lucky and Flo likely also think there's only one answer, but a different one -- which doesn't involve either money or medals.

Shelby (mail):
Based on my experience with dogs, there are probably at least three or four answers -- food, ball, stick, tummy rub...
8.21.2007 7:45pm
Randy R. (mail):
also Milkbones.
8.21.2007 7:49pm
Your DVD sniffing dog wants steak?
8.21.2007 7:58pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Don't all dogs want steak?
8.21.2007 8:02pm
Ken Hirsch (mail):

Don't all dogs want steak?

Answer: Yes!.
8.21.2007 8:24pm
Andy123 (mail):
A Michael Vick chew toy? In steak juice?
8.21.2007 8:34pm
Pub Editor:
In dogspeak,

Medal = Not Food
8.21.2007 8:59pm
You're all wrong. Those dogs want bacon, of course. mmm. bacon...

/homer drools/
8.21.2007 10:29pm
It's Bacon!
8.22.2007 9:34am
Don't forget going for a walk, or to a park to sniff other dogs. Dogs love that stuff!
8.22.2007 11:35am
Dave N (mail):
I was imagining the medals being in the shape and form of mini-DVDs and how confusing THAT would be to the poor dogs.
8.22.2007 11:44am
My Brother owned a Lab:
They are Labs. Take them for a swim.
8.22.2007 11:49am
Isn't Malaysia a majority-Muslim country? And aren't dogs considered unclean animals under Islamic law? I'm a little surprised they got any sort of public recognition at all.
8.22.2007 10:12pm