My wife, sister-in-law, niece (who's in her late teens), and I all saw Superbad Saturday and liked it a lot -- it's very funny, and often funny because it seems so honest (except when it's funny because it's absurd). The language is extremely raunchy, of course, but very effectively so. I highly recommend it.

G.O.B. Bluth (mail):
So is Michael Cera funnier than he was as George Michael? He was one of the best things about AD (apparently he ad-libbed many of his lines, too), and I hope he's got a great career ahead of him...
8.20.2007 6:24pm
egn (mail):
Cera's hilarious, but I thought he was actually at his best in the movie's sweeter moments, which he sold really well.
8.20.2007 6:37pm
He is every bit as funny as he was on AD (and I LOVED that show). Maybe funnier, given the sexual/booze-soaked context and a hilarious co-star.
8.20.2007 6:49pm
This is as good a time as any to put in a plug for "Freaks and Geeks", a short-lived and extremely good series by Apatow from a few years ago. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it from Netflix right away.
8.20.2007 7:01pm
Let me second Hwy 61. For those of us in the 35-40 category, Freaks and Geeks is pretty much the story of our lives.
8.20.2007 7:12pm
Hattio (mail):
What the hell is AD? (What does that make you when you're so out of it you don't know what the geeks are talking about?).
8.20.2007 7:30pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail):
Hattio, the fact that you (and most other people)never heard of AD is pretty much the reason why it no longer exists.

(link goes to Wikipedia article)
8.20.2007 7:40pm
Greg Hamer:
8.20.2007 7:45pm
BandarBush (mail):
Superbad = funny, but
Knocked Up > Superbad
8.20.2007 7:55pm
Hattio (mail):
Heard of Arrested Development, just didn't connect it with AD.
8.20.2007 8:01pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
BandarBush: I saw both, and liked Superbad quite a bit more than Knocked Up (though I thought Knocked Up was also quite good).
8.20.2007 8:03pm
Shangui (mail):
Just because it deserves it, I'll throw in yet another plug for "Freaks and Geeks." I don't think I've ever cringed as much watching a TV show. Brutally honest and hilarious.
8.20.2007 8:18pm
It was hysterical. Cut a bit close to home sometimes.

While I liked all three, for my money:

40 year old virgin > Superbad > Knocked Up
8.20.2007 9:20pm
Prosecutorial Indiscretion:
Superbad is an instant classic. It's hands-down the best teen sex comedy ever, and it's as funny as anything I've ever seen. It will be years before we see another comedy in this league.
8.20.2007 10:40pm
Cera's character in this film was actually very similar to his character in Arrested Development. I thought he was excellent in both.
8.20.2007 10:57pm
WWJRD (mail):
You should rent Porky's sometime !
8.21.2007 12:07am
Cera was involved in a funny parody video of the Yale student who sent an over-the-top video resume to various Wall Street firms. Check it out on Youtube.
8.21.2007 12:38am
Highway 61 was a delightful road movie.

Satan: You can have anything you want. All it will cost you is your immortal soul

Pokey (our intrepid hero): Have you got a beer?
8.21.2007 1:17am
Superbad was fantastic; Arrested Development is still the most quotable show I've ever seen (and I never watched it until it was off the air - do yourself a favor and buy the DVDs); and Cera is all around amazing.
8.21.2007 4:07pm
The movie was good, not great. It would have been just okay, but the last half hour (the party) picked it back up.

The acting was mediocre. Both main characters were extremely "one-note." They delivered each line the same as the next. Jonah Hill was all yelling and swearing. He was basically a live-action Cartman. Michael Cera's shtick might work on a 60-minute tv show where he's only in a few scenes, but he cannot sustain it over two hours where he's the lead. His mumbling cluelessness gets old, and most of his scenes with the girl are not believable.

It's not a teen sex comedy. It's a comedy that's mostly about the "try to be popular versus stick with my friends" dilemma.

I compare it to Dazed and Confused, except Superbad was funnier but less compelling.
8.21.2007 7:23pm
For those Michael Cera fans, check out Produced by CBS, it's pretty hilarious.
8.23.2007 2:56pm