Show Off Your Inner Geek With A Volokh Conspiracy T-Shirt:
I'm happy to announce the introduction of Volokh Conspiracy merchandise — t-shirts, a mug, even a tote bag. You can visit the VC's mechandise store here. Here's the website's computer-generated picture of what a Volokh Conspiracy t-shirt looks like:

  I purchased a t-shirt last week, and the green color is a tiny bit lighter than it appears in the picture. But the picture is otherwise pretty accurate.

  Some legal disclaimers while I'm at it. Although the products say "The Volokh Conspiracy," they are really being purchased through Cafe Press. We designed the item and we're letting CafePress sell them, but we're not involved in printing up the products and we're not making a dime off of the sales, either. Cafe Press makes the product when you place an order, and we don't see it and can't guarantee it will come out the way you like it. I can tell you that the shirt I ordered last week looks decent, but I haven't seen what the other shirts or the tote bag or mug look like. Family members of Volokh Conspirators are ineligible to win. Void where prohibited.