Show Off Your Inner Geek With A Volokh Conspiracy T-Shirt:
I'm happy to announce the introduction of Volokh Conspiracy merchandise — t-shirts, a mug, even a tote bag. You can visit the VC's mechandise store here. Here's the website's computer-generated picture of what a Volokh Conspiracy t-shirt looks like:

  I purchased a t-shirt last week, and the green color is a tiny bit lighter than it appears in the picture. But the picture is otherwise pretty accurate.

  Some legal disclaimers while I'm at it. Although the products say "The Volokh Conspiracy," they are really being purchased through Cafe Press. We designed the item and we're letting CafePress sell them, but we're not involved in printing up the products and we're not making a dime off of the sales, either. Cafe Press makes the product when you place an order, and we don't see it and can't guarantee it will come out the way you like it. I can tell you that the shirt I ordered last week looks decent, but I haven't seen what the other shirts or the tote bag or mug look like. Family members of Volokh Conspirators are ineligible to win. Void where prohibited.
Dave Griffith (mail):
Um, if you're not making a dime, why are you selling your IP?
8.24.2007 1:19am
real question is, can i start selling volokh merchandise too? and can i get a post advertising it too?
8.24.2007 1:31am
and it must be apparent i'm not a skilled writer too. can i get a free copy of eugene's book too? too? too. too!
8.24.2007 1:32am
We are permitting CafePress to sell the merchandise we have designed and selected, but we are otherwise reserving our rights. Although in light of recent events, I do think it would be funny to see a t-shirt that says, "Everyone's a winner at the Volokh Consp-i-ra-cy!"
8.24.2007 1:47am
While the graphic artist you hired clearly has talent, I think the elaborate artwork is a bit overdone. Simple elegance might have been a better choice. Still, I commend you on picking an attractive shade of green; the green-on-green is definitely going to turn heads.
8.24.2007 2:32am
kiniyakki (mail):
Would this shirt be appropriate courtroom attire? What if I be sure to tuck it in?

Also, I'm curious for a little more explanation about why you are all forgoing profits. No problem w/ it, but I think a lot of people are wondering. Is CafePress an especially good company you wanted to support? Are they making much of a profit?

(note: "None of your business!" would be an acceptable answer.)
8.24.2007 2:47am
Can't find a good name:
You're supposed to make money from selling items through CafePress. Their business model is that they require a minimum price per item, allow the individual sellers to set the price above that, and then send the seller the difference. See here for details.
8.24.2007 3:10am
kiniyakki writes:
Also, I'm curious for a little more explanation about why you are all forgoing profits. No problem w/ it, but I think a lot of people are wondering.
Interesting. Well, I was thinking of two reasons. First, we're not blogging for the money. We probably average about $3 an hour for blogging based on our ad sales, which means it's a really cruddy way to make a buck. Second, I highly doubt we're going to sell a lot of t-shirts. Given that we have to split any profits among all of us, it's probably more of a pain than it's worth. Oh and third: because we love you, if course.
8.24.2007 3:15am
Can't find a name:

The next thing you know we'll let you visit the blog for free!
8.24.2007 3:17am
Cornellian (mail):
T-shirts come in yellow? Who'd have thought?
8.24.2007 3:40am
ifoughtthelaw (mail) (www):
Man, that merch is dull as toast. You should put famous VC quotes on the shirts. Howsabout this:

"I'm not defending the Bush administration, but..."
-Jonathan Adler

Or maybe just some bit of grammatical pedantry from Eugene, or one of Sasha's more obscure references to a twelfth century Slavic text. Or a comment from Todd Zywicki about Dartmouth.
8.24.2007 3:46am
Speaking of cruddy ways to make a buck, would "I have to hawk T-shirts on the Internet to make ends meet" be a good argument for a raise in one's paltry academic salary?
8.24.2007 4:03am
Extraneus (mail):
I was thinking some of the original text of Beowulf might be nice, particularly on the organic one, but I bought it anyway.
8.24.2007 8:30am
John (mail):
Volokh Conspiracy, sure. But when do we get Volokh Counterinsurgency shirts?
8.24.2007 9:27am
Zathras (mail):
"...we're not making a dime off of the sales, either."

Not very capitalist of ya'll, is it? Or is there some marketing angle I'm missing?
8.24.2007 9:36am
rarango (mail):
A tee shirt that says conspiracy coupled with a name of Slavic origin sounds like a good way to attract the attention of the homeland security folks. good luck on getting thru an airline gate! Will you cover our legal fees if we purchase one? :)
8.24.2007 9:59am
John Burgess (mail) (www):
What? No orange? No black?

I'm of a mind to run up a bunch of

Volokh Cons

shirts until my needs are met.
8.24.2007 11:19am
ifoughtthelaw, you nailed it, but you forgot Bernstein "D.C. BUBBLE! D.C. BUBBLE!"
8.24.2007 11:54am
Yoo-hoo, Orin or whoever, didn't you give these items tags?

When I search CafePress for the word "volokh," I get only one result, and it isn't your shirts (it's a sexually tinged anti-Bush shirt). Come on, if you're gonna put them up, make it easy for your fans to find them!
8.24.2007 12:25pm
WHOI Jacket:
Could we get our Usernames put on the back?

That would make for some interesting potential encounters on the streets of some major cities.
8.24.2007 2:32pm
Kind of lame. I'd prefer some mount rushmore like collage of the primary conspirators, or perhaps a string of quotes along the back with some bold lettering in the front.

And, to boost income and satisfy fans of this site and its conspirators, you should offer limited edition SIGNED tshirts. Heck, sign me up now.
8.24.2007 3:19pm
David Huberman (mail):
I liked the idea, and bought me a t-shirt. I look forward to local SCOTUS justices stopping me on the street and remarking, "nice shirt!" (at which point, a member of the SG's office will jump out from the bushes and scream, "that t-shirt is not an appropriate vehicle for ...")
8.24.2007 3:54pm
Dave N (mail):
Here is the unanswered question:

Do students wearing VC t-shirts in a conspirator's class get extra credit?
8.24.2007 9:43pm
It's an interesting business model. They lose money on every transaction. But they are hoping to make that up through volume.
8.25.2007 10:41am
Just checked the site, and now I'm very disappointed with the Profs. What's the point of having your logo on Cafe' Press items if you don't have one of these: /buy/rudy/-/pv_design_prod/p_storeid.41070493/ pNo_41070493/id_10174014/opt_/pg_/c_/fpt_

8.25.2007 10:48am