Question for Readers Who Own Copies of Academic Legal Writing:

A quick question -- if you own a copy of Academic Legal Writing, how did you decide to get it? Was it recommended by a professor? Was it recommended by your law review? Was it recommended by a classmate? Did you see it in a classmate's hands, and ask about it? Did you buy it because you saw me promote it on the blog? Was it recommended on another blog? Did you get it as a present from someone, and do you know how he got it? My publisher and I would love to hear your feedback on this. Many thanks!

Stephen Aslett (mail):
Recommended in this book.
7.17.2007 7:09pm
Gabriel Malor (mail):
I bought it because I was clicking around Amazon looking for something on that topic and recognized your name. This was before I became a regular reader here.
7.17.2007 7:18pm
texas lawyer (mail):
I am a practicing lawyer. I was looking at writing a law review article &I wanted guidance on the current conventions. I heard about the article in a post on this site &then ordered it off of Amazon.
7.17.2007 7:19pm
James Grimmelmann (mail) (www):
I don't own a copy, even though I've read it and love the contents.

I blame the design. It's not a book that's easy to flip around in to find a passage you're looking for, and something about the typography (I can't put my finger on exactly what) makes it physically slower to read than it should be. It may be the large type size and excessive space around the headings and subheadings, or perhaps something else, but there's definitely something about the design that could be improved on.
7.17.2007 7:34pm
Donna B. (mail) (www):
I don't own it, but I bought an autographed copy of it from you promoted on this site for my daughter and son-in-law when they were in law school.

Exactly how much it helped my daughter in becoming the editor of her school's law review and in winning a substantial award for an article she wrote is open to question, but encouragement was the least.

I, of course, credit her inherited intelligence and diligence.
7.17.2007 7:42pm
Thief (mail) (www):
Incessant (and well-justified) promotion on VC!
7.17.2007 7:52pm
I was a 2L on the law review.

My comment/note editor recommended it to me at the beginning of the year.
7.17.2007 7:57pm
Joe Bingham (mail):
Saw you offer signed copies on the blog; wanted to get in some prep before I head to school next fall. Before I bought it, I asked a friend who had used it and consulted reviews; all reports were favorable.
7.17.2007 8:03pm
Adler told me I had to get it...
7.17.2007 8:14pm
saulpanzer (mail) (www):
promoted on VC and recommended by EIC of my journal.
7.17.2007 8:23pm
U.Va. 2L:
Promoted on the blog and recommended by one of my peer advisors before journal tryouts as a 1L.
7.17.2007 8:30pm
TomHuff (mail):
Heard about and bought it after seeing it promoted here on the VC.
7.17.2007 8:59pm
Falconet (mail):
It was required for my first year legal research and writing class.
7.17.2007 9:17pm
On The Way...:
It was in the first screen shot of the library database when doing a subject search for "legal writing."
7.17.2007 9:26pm
ALR - and "Stuff from us" link.

I bought Bernstein's "You Can't Say That" after a Fed. Soc. speaking engagement.
7.17.2007 9:35pm
TechieLaw (mail) (www):
For whatever it's worth, your book is cited in the manual given to incoming Law Review members at my old school.
7.17.2007 9:49pm
Archit (www):
Discussed on VC.
7.17.2007 10:27pm
Pete Freans (mail):
I too am a practitioner &I learned about it via this blog. Interestingly enough, when I sought your book @ the Univ of Penn bookstore last year or so, they did not have a copy (they also had quite a bit of trouble with your name; so this is Ivy league?) I eventually found it on Amazon.
7.17.2007 10:39pm
Paul Johnson (mail):
Like Texas Lawyer and Pete Freans, I'm a practitioner who thought it would help in writing an article. In my case, it didn't work. Not because it's bad advice, but because it didn't make me start writing.
7.17.2007 11:02pm
Jesse Katsopolis:
I bought a copy on Amazon when I was in law school. It was recommended by another student when I expressed interest in publishing a note.
7.18.2007 12:13am
Recommended by the Academic Support Office at my law school and purchased from Amazon prior to law review write-on competition.
7.18.2007 12:31am
David Schraub (mail) (www):
Read it on this blog.
7.18.2007 12:31am
Malcolm Tredinnick (mail) (www):
I'm not a lawyer (or student), but I write a fair bit and am always interested in getting better. After seeing a lot of positive comments to posts on this blog and reading about your own (Eugene's) efforts in creating and updating, I decided to pick up a copy. Enjoyed it greatly and have re-read it a few times since.
7.18.2007 1:09am
I read about it on the blog (having been a regular reader for a while). I was already a graduate when I got the book. I wish it had been available when I was writing my own note, which, while published, could have been much improved by your advice, I think.
7.18.2007 1:38am
Read about it on the blog, and then searched the net and found favorable reviews.
7.18.2007 2:01am
Tony Tutins (mail):
A few years ago, I read an online article on writing law review comments that highly praised an article you had written on academic legal writing. Clicking on the link led me to a page that stated you had published a great shiny new book now, and that your fabulous free article was no longer available. As I recall, the journal you had published in was one of the few not carried on either Lexis or Westlaw, but I could read the paper edition. Later, while browsing in either Ulrich's in Ann Arbor, Ned's in Berkeley, or the Stanford bookstore, I did pick up a copy of the book.
7.18.2007 2:14am
recommended by prof
7.18.2007 2:20am
non-native speaker:
I read it on this blog, and bought it through Amazon (I live in Spain).
7.18.2007 5:20am
non-native speaker II:
Prof. Volokh: does this question means than a third edition might be forthcoming any time soon? (coincidentally, I was about to order the book on Amazon, maybe I should wait a little...).
P.S.: I don't remember where I heard about it first, but is was either here on VC, or in the recommended related books on Amazon.
7.18.2007 7:44am
Adler didn't tell me to get it; I am asking him for my money back! I found it the tried and true Google way of searching for books on writing a law review article. Btw...status of book at UVA Law Library (missing, checked-out, checked-out). Have a copy on order from Amazon.
7.18.2007 8:58am
Baylor Student (mail):
I started searching online for guides to "finding a law review topic". I found a thread on that had a link to the free/sample section of the book and a couple of posts that recommended the book.

Some parts of the book don't translate well online, like the "topic bank" thing at the UCLA law website where topics are stored. There are like 5 topics there. However, the cite to the Utah Law Review article was very useful.

I found a good topic thanks to some advice in the book. Now my two largest concerns are hopefully not becoming preempted by the state supreme court and finding a way to distinguishing the article from another law review article published a year ago.
7.18.2007 10:36am
Bought it after seeing it here and having a seminar prof recommend it to the class.
7.18.2007 11:43am
I purchased the book from Amazon after it was promoted on this blog. I thought it would help me improve my writing. It has.

Like one other commenter, I am not a lawyer and I am not a student. Your book helps me organize and present much better.
7.18.2007 12:04pm
David Malmstrom (mail):
7.18.2007 12:44pm
It was recommended by my law review for us 2Ls writing notes during our third semester. I bought it on amazon and read it during my 1L summer.
7.18.2007 1:28pm
Mr. X (www):
You pimped it often enough on your blog that when I saw it mentioned in my Legal Rhetoric syllabus, I decided to get my own copy.
7.18.2007 2:58pm
Josh Chandler (mail) (www):
I bought the book because it was recommended by some blog or post related to getting a law teaching job.
7.18.2007 5:40pm
Ross Hammersley (www):
Our Law Review used to, and to the best of my knowledge, continues to purchase and distribute copies to all incoming 2L members prior to the beginning of law review orientation in August.
7.18.2007 5:51pm
Nigel Kearney (mail) (www):
Read about it on your blog.

Of course, I didn't decide to get it just because you advertised it. I decided to get it because I assumed it would be as intelligent and insightful as the stuff you write on the blog. And it is.
7.18.2007 5:54pm
Came free with my purchase of "Revenge of the Nerds II". Or I heard about it from a 3L who had used it and liked it. I'm not sure which.
7.18.2007 6:00pm
Spotted Cow:
Our law review has fifty copies, and we distribute them to the 2L members for guidance as they research and select their Comment topic.

When it came time to return the books to the LR, we didn't get many of them back. I would never steal anything from the journal office, of course . . .
7.19.2007 12:22am
I bought it because:

a) you plugged it on this blog, so I knew about its existence
b) I wanted something that actually focused on academic legal writing, which regular legal writing texts don't do.

I also strongly recommended it to an LLM classmate who was absolutely stumped by the novel American assignment scheme of "come up with an interesting contention and then argue for it in several different ways". Not all education systems ever assign anything analogous to that, so a nice clear explanation of what exactly academic legal writing consisted of seemed like the right thing to guide him to. No clue if he actually read it, unfortunately.
7.19.2007 2:39am
Thaddeus Mason Pope (mail):
I had my first copy of both Fajans &Falk and Ray &Ramsfield back in law school (Georgetown) in the late 1990s. After seeing the value of continued thinking about the writing process itself (especially after excellent CLEs by Bryan Garner and Tim Terrell), I started looking for more good sources. I found ALW widely recommended in articles on legal writing. I now require it in all my seminars.
7.19.2007 11:57am
Jay Reding (www):
I learned about it from this blog, and have already recommended to several others. As a matter of fact, since I just found out I've been accepted as an associate editor, I'll also vouch for the quality of its advice...
7.19.2007 4:16pm
Michigan 2L:
I don't yet own a copy, but I will soon purchase one. I recently received the Michigan "Notes Manual," sent out to everyone who made law review for this upcoming year, and your book is cited within.
7.19.2007 8:38pm