Anna Nicole Smith Law:

The Washington Legal Foundation> just put up a Web Seminar this morning on "The Ongoing Saga of Marshall v. Marshall: Beyond the Anna Nicole Headlines, Critical Legal Issues Lurk in Federal Court"; it should now be available at the WLF Web site. Some interesting procedural issues there, plus stuff on bankruptcy and probate — the things one instantly thinks about, of course, when one hears "Anna Nicole Smith."

Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
Actually, since I'm pretty much repulsed by the rest of the story, the legal issues are indeed about the only things I think about when I hear the name.
7.12.2007 11:25pm
The legal spillover from Marshall essentially creates more opportunity for those plaintiffs looking to forum shop in search of friendlier venues. Anna Nicole's case is a great example of just how profitable a venture that can be if done well.
7.13.2007 11:32am