Tomorrow Morning:
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow morning for what will probably be the release of the Supreme Court's last three decisions of the Term: the school/race cases (likely win for the conservatives), the death penalty/mental illness case (likely win for the liberals), and the antitrust/retail prices case (likely win for, well, I have no idea, I didn't follow it). Lyle Denniston offers us his best guess for how the morning will unfold here.

  In a perfect world, the Court would post the opinions on the Court's website just as the opinions are announced in the courtroom. That way, the Court wouldn't induce the 30 minutes or so of anxiety that follows when Supreme Court geeks around the country know the outcome in important cases but can't yet access the opinions. But we're not yet in that perfect world, so instead we have to hit "refresh" over and over until opinions start to show up at SCOTUSblog or How Appealing around 10:30 or 10:45.

  Anyway, come back tomorrow for the goods; I'm sure we'll have commentary throughout the day.