We're Two Times #1!

No, that's worse. We're #1 squared! No, that doesn't help much either. We're #0, or, maybe better yet, #-1! Huh, maybe not.

In any case, I'm delighted to report that my colleagues at Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw have been rated #1 in appellate law by Chambers and Partners, to go along with our #1 rating for appellate and Supreme Court work from It's a privilege and a pleasure for me to be affiliated with the Mayer people.

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Not a very amusing name for a law firm. I used to use a firm called Kew and Fester.
6.15.2007 6:59pm
Is that what happens when you ax 10% of your partners?
6.15.2007 7:00pm
DonBoy (mail) (www):
You're #1 squared, that's how #1 you are.
6.15.2007 8:46pm
Reminds me of that great exchange from "Talladega Nights":

"You can't have two #1s!"

"Yeah, that'd make 11!"
6.15.2007 11:47pm