Juanita Swedenburg, RIP:

Juanita Swedenburg, the successful plaintiff in the interstate wine shipment case of Granholm v. Heald, has passed away at the age of 82. The Washington Post has her obituary here.

Dave N (mail):
I read the obituary and she sounds like she was a charming lady in a gruff sort of way.

I noted the Supreme Court vote breakdown in her case was 5-4 with an interesting constellation (Kennedy, Scalia, Souter, Ginsberg, and Breyer in the majority and Rehnquist, Stevens, O'Connor, and Thomas in dissent).

I am also reminded of a comment by Criminal Procedure prorfessor made years ago, about how the media makes much ado about the parties in a case when the important thing is the holding. He wss grousing about an obituary he had seen for Ernesto Miranda--and was wondering why anyone would really care about his passing.
6.12.2007 5:58pm
David Huberman (mail):
I know this is a little off-topic, but regarding commenter Dave N's notice of "an interesting constellation" of SCOTUS members, we've had a few weird ones in OT2006.

In Philip Morris USA v. Williams (05-1256) we had Roberts, Breyer, Souter, Kennedy, and Alito writing in the majority, with Ginsburg, Stevens, Scalia, and Thomas dissenting.

In Cunningham v. California (05-6551) we had a dissenting team of Alito, Kennedy, and Breyer.

There were a few other oddities, too, but I can't find them yet :)
6.12.2007 7:00pm
Scaldis Noel:
"...charming lady in a gruff sort of way." Well put. I met her when my wife and I were visiting Virginia wineries. Our car got a flat just before we pulled into the Swedenburg Winery on a very hot July day. She was most welcoming in our unfortunate circumstance. I was very pleased when I saw that she had won in her legal fight, although the wine shipment laws haven't changed in favor of the consumer and winemaker as much as she and I both hoped.
6.13.2007 2:04pm