Those Darn Terrorists Have No Consideration!

NY Times:

Musbah Abu al-Kheir, 17, passed several armed checkpoints on his way to school from a refugee camp outside Gaza City.

"Fatah and Hamas have no appreciation for the fact we are having final exams today," he said. "How are we supposed to take exams to the sounds of gunfire and ambulance sirens?"

Memo to Mr. Abu al-Kheir: criminal gangs that blow up school buses and pizzerias, and then celebrate the murders, aren't likely to particularly care about your final exams, even if you are a fellow Palestinian.

Mike BUSL07 (mail):
Mr. Al Kheir should in fact be grateful that he wasn't this guy.
6.11.2007 1:14pm
Mongoose 388:
To paraphrase Pink Floyd, I think the terrorists might believe this:
We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teachers leave those kids alone.
6.11.2007 1:32pm
Mac (mail):
No doubt, it's all Israel's fault, including the guy spotlighted by Mike BUSL07.
6.11.2007 2:24pm
TM Lutas (mail) (www):
Is there any evidence that a better educated palestinian populace would be in the interest of either Fatah or Hamas? I would think just the opposite.
6.11.2007 2:28pm
crane (mail):
I heard once, possibly on this very site, that the Chinese really despise the Palestinians for using their kids as suicide bombers and political pawns.

Just the other day my morning paper had an article about how the Chinese government tries to make things as peaceful as possible for students taking the all-important college entrance exam. They shut down construction, step up enforcement of noise-control ordinances, and even monitor traffic the morning of the test to make sure no students get delayed. I don't know what they'd do if some gang were having a shootout near a test site; probably give them all the death penalty.
6.11.2007 3:15pm
Bill Poser (mail) (www):
This is but one instance of a larger fact neglected by the lunatics who like to talk about Israeli "genocide" of Palestinians, namely that 5/6 of Palestinian casualties are inflicted by other Palestinians.
6.11.2007 3:18pm
They shut down construction, step up enforcement of noise-control ordinances, and even monitor traffic the morning of the test to make sure no students get delayed.

I remember the marching band passing by, with great fanfare, as I was trying to take the LSAT. I guess that's what happens when you go to school in the Big Ten.
6.11.2007 4:05pm
Roundhead (mail) (www):
I'm surprised...

Weren't checkpoints and armed guards supposed to disappear once the Israeli military vacated from Gaza strip?
6.11.2007 4:15pm
ask the lad if he thinks suicide bombings are justified on "non-final" days? a significant number of his countrymen and co-religionists in this country would answer "yes".
6.11.2007 4:44pm
NickM (mail) (www):
Life imitates The Onion.

6.11.2007 5:15pm
I'm not supprised the Chinese find the practice of child suicide bombers abhorrent. Children would be even more precious than normal if you're only allowed to have one.
6.11.2007 9:25pm
Sarah (mail) (www):
I thought I saw something on the Beeb website today about the Palestinian government actually asking for the terrorists to take a break for the exams.

Aha, here's something:

The latest ceasefire was called to allow pupils to take final school exams.

So actually, terrorists are very considerate -- they're just not men of their word.
6.11.2007 10:54pm
Dick Eagleson:
Okay, we have our first nominee for the 2007 Paris Hilton Award for Invincible Self-Importance.
6.15.2007 3:22am