British Lecturers' Union Boycott Discussions:

The Oxford chapter of the British University and College Union reports that -- notwithstanding the Times Online story, which I blogged about last week -- the UCU motion was only to "discuss" a boycott, rather than actually to call for a boycott. I can't speak with confidence as to what the motion amounted to in context, but I thought I'd pass along the information.

Thanks to Nicholas Sarwark for the pointer.

Ventrue Capital (mail):
Since the UCU were only *discussing* a boycott rather than actually calling for one, I will merely *discuss* whether they are a vicious bunch of racist, fascist anti-semitic bigots, rather than calling them that. And we can merely *discuss* whether British academia ought to be _Judenrein_, and relegated to the level of Nazi pseudoscience, Pakistani madrasa, and yahoo Bible-colleges that teach young-Earth creationism.

BTW, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is sponsoring a petition in which academics from countries other than Israel can declare that they consider themselves the equivalent of Israelis for the purposes of any boycott; IOW, they will refuse to participate in any academic activity which boycotts Israel or Israeli academics.

To see current signatures (and to sign up, if you don't mind being in such company as Alan Dershowitz, Steven Weinberg, Elie Wiesel, and at least two other Nobel prize winners, go to this link.
6.9.2007 11:58am
Mr. X (www):
I've read the boycott proposal and I didn't see the slightest sign of racism or antisemitism. Perhaps you can point out what I missed?
6.10.2007 2:02pm