Blogging from Argentina . .. or Not:

I am currently blogging from Buenos Aires Argentina, where I will be teaching a course on constitutional theory at the University of Torcuato Di Tella over the next three weeks.

Blogging may therefore be light over that time, though I may try to blog about the experience of teaching this subject in a country with a very different legal and educational culture than the US.

ThePartyoftheFirstPart (mail) (www):
As a former resident of Argentina, I wish you well! Argentina's legal tradition is an interesting hybrid: their Constitution is very closely modeled on the US Constitution, but of course it's placed on top of a civil law country. And some of their presidents have not been exactly fanatic about observing the consitution.
6.5.2007 9:44pm
jimbino (mail):
Great opportunity to get that nose job, tummy tuck and boob lift!
6.6.2007 12:57pm