"The Lost Promise of Civil Rights":
The Virginia Law Review has posted an excerpt from Risa Goluboff's new book about the history of the civil rights movement,"The Lost Promise of Civil Rights." The book looks at some of the now largely-forgotten threads of the early civil rights movement outside the familiar road to Brown v. Board. I read a few chapters recently and found it fascinating: engaging, thought-provoking, and well-written.
I read the description and blurbs at the Amazon page. I know nothing of the law involved, but this is another example of American socialists' use of weasel words. For capitalism they say "economic inequality" and for socialism they say "economic justice."
6.5.2007 2:24pm
byomtov (mail):

I recommend you read the linked excerpt. You might learn something.
6.5.2007 7:47pm
A. Zarkov (mail):
I read the book excerpts and Goluboff's academic web page. Her work seems like the typical output of the racial grievance industry. It employs the kind of reasoning advocated by the Frankfurt school—antipositivism. Thus if blacks under perform whites, the solution can only lie in the realm of culture. For example at UCLA Law average white GPA exceeds that of blacks. One student told me her class tried to find an explanation, but failed. No one in class discussions brought up the difference LSAT scores, which correlate with GPA. Since the LSAT is a heavily g-loaded test, we might expect some biological basis to the difference.
6.5.2007 7:58pm