Brief Bleg:
Sorry to bug readers with this, but I'm trying to hunt down copies of the briefs filed in the D.C. Circuit's Guantanamo Bay cases argued on Tuesday, Bismullah v. Gates, 06-1197, and Parhat, et al. v. Gates, 06-1397. (Unfortunately, the briefs aren't on PACER. Details on the cases here.) If you have an electronic copy or have links to posted copies, I'd really appreciate it if you would post the link or e-mail a copy to orinkerr [at] Many thanks.
I believe these are the briefs for the procedural motions for the detainees and the government for the motions argued Tuesday.
5.17.2007 10:19pm
Bismullah! No - we will not let you go...
5.18.2007 10:54am