McNulty Resigns:
Deputy AG Paul McNulty has resigned.
Isn't he the one who testified it would break his heart to think that the decisions in question were made on the basis of politics? Yeah.
5.14.2007 8:35pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail):
Shame - and he only just got back to the major crimes unit in the season finale.

5.14.2007 9:35pm
erics (mail):
The shame is that he made $165K a year and cited "the financial realities of having college-age children." You want to go into private practice and double or triple your salary? Fine, good for you. But what a slap in the face to the 95% (at least) of American workers who don't make $165K yet somehow manage to raise a family.
5.15.2007 11:07am
Henri Le Compte (mail):
I think you see a glimpse of what "political life" is like-- not worth it at any price. Fewer and fewer people with talent, education and options are willing to put themselves through the mud-slinging freakshow that is Washington, DC.

I'm afraid that we are soon going to have the government we deserve.
5.15.2007 2:16pm
Christopher Cooke (mail):
Henri, what you say may be true for some. But those drawn to politics because of the trappings of power will continue to go to DC.

However, I don't think McNulty is the victim of any partisan mudslinging "freakshow." Either McNulty resigned for the reasons he stated (he wants more money, which is entirely plausible), or the USAO firings issues (including the White House bashing McNulty behind the scenes apparently for not lying to Congress about Rove's role in selecting Griffin for Cummins' job), or some combination of the above. But, McNulty was treated fairly well by Congress, which was after Gonzales, not him. So, I don't think you can blame the Dems for forcing McNulty out.
5.15.2007 2:28pm