Cincinnati Restaurateur Doesn't Serve Notorious Killers:

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

Jeff Ruby isn’t a big O.J. Simpson fan.

The Cincinnati restaurateur made that clear last week when he asked Simpson to leave his steakhouse in Louisville because the former football great and murder defendant makes him “sick to my stomach.”

But does disliking a guy give Ruby the legal right to deny him a steak?

Civil rights lawyers say it does.

“It’s his business,” said Cincinnati lawyer Lou Sirkin. “He’s got the right to do that.”


The newspaper further reports, "Simpson’s lawyer has said he might pursue legal action and accused Ruby of excluding Simpson on the basis of his race." Indeed: If Ruby has been serving notorious white killers, but rejected O.J. because he's black, that's illegal. But somehow I doubt that this is what was happening.

Good work, Mr. Ruby.

Thanks to Ethan Hahn for the pointer.