Are Main Law Reviews at the Top 50 Law Schools Considering Submissions During the Summer?

If you're on a main (non-specialty) law review at a top 50 law school, can you please post a comment indicating (1) what journal you're on, (2) whether you folks are considering article submissions during the summer, which is to say whether you are prepared to make offers during the summer (even if more slowly than normal), and (3) if you aren't considering submissions during the summer, when you close and when you reopen? Both our legal academic readers and I myself would be much obliged. Thanks!

First Amendment Law Review at UNC School of Law is taking submissions this summer for spring 2008. It is the first and only law review dedicated to the First Amendment. [EV: This comment was posted before I changed the post to ask about main (non-specialty) journals; in any case, thanks to the commenter -- I hadn't known about the journal.]
5.1.2007 8:27pm
Ivan (mail) (www):
I'm on the Minnesota Law Review and we're considering submissions throughout the summer.
5.1.2007 9:38pm
egn (mail):
Penn is looking at articles through the summer.
5.1.2007 10:05pm
David Cohen:
The Boston College Law Review is considering submissions throughout the summer.
5.1.2007 10:11pm
No name needed:
My brother on the Harvard Law Review is too lazy to post this but he says that they're accepting submissions throughout the summer.
5.1.2007 11:35pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Huh -- an e-mail I got from the Harvard Law Review reported, "We've more or less closed down now for the summer. [We'll] still be keeping tracking of things as they come in, and if we need to move on something we will, but in general with finals now and everyone being dispersed shortly we are basically wrapping up."
5.2.2007 1:22am
Stephen Aslett (mail):
Tulane Law Review is considering submissions through the summer.
5.2.2007 1:53am
Hanah Volokh (mail) (www):
The Georgetown Law Journal is reading submissions through the summer, but not making any final decisions until late August.
5.2.2007 7:58am
Kevin Nilsson (mail) (www):
For those authors who look beyond top 50 law schools to law reviews highly ranked in Washington &Lee's impact ratings - Akron Law Review (ranked #41) is still accepting submissions for all 2007 - 2008 editions. Offers made on a rolling basis.
5.2.2007 9:19am
Michigan will be reading over the summer.
5.2.2007 9:25am
Harvard Law Review:
The Harvard Law Review will continue to accept submissions, but our usual review process will be suspended until mid-August, so we will only make final decisions over the summer in extraordinary circumstances. Authors are encouraged to submit again beginning August 13, and are further encouraged, due to the nature of our review process, to submit to us exclusively 10 days ahead of submitting to any other journals.
5.2.2007 9:53am
Notre Dame Law Review (mail):
The Notre Dame Law Review will be considering submissions over the summer.
5.2.2007 10:07am
Emory Law Journal:
Emory Law Journal will consider submissions throughout the summer months.
5.2.2007 12:21pm
Realist Liberal:
I know you asked for high ranked journals but if any professors are looking at lower ranked journals, Golden Gate (yes very low ranked) is accepting submissions all summer and I will be making offers as I get them. So if any professors who aren't tenured yet are looking for a good chance of getting published, look at us PLEASE. (And yes I am begging.)
5.2.2007 12:39pm
Virginia Law Review (mail):
The Virginia Law Review is accepting submissions during the summer, though our normal review process may be delayed. We will resume regular review of submissions in August.
5.2.2007 12:46pm
According to one of its Notes and Comments editors, the Washington Law Review accepts submissions during the summer.
5.2.2007 4:04pm
fordhamlawreview (mail):
The Fordham Law Review will be considering submissions over the summer.
5.2.2007 4:13pm
KMM (mail):
EV: Out of curiosity, why did you specify that you were only interested in "main (non-specialty)" reviews? I'm not in law school and have no dog in this fight. Yet, I still wonder why you would exclude a vast number of journals from your query.

Are the specialty journals really so sumarily dismissed by academics?
5.2.2007 6:43pm
Texas Law Review (mail):
The Texas Law Review is accepting submissions over the summer and our editors will be reading, but will not be meeting to make decisions. The editors will reconvene the last two weeks of August and intend to make offers on summer submissions then.
5.2.2007 8:18pm
Wisconsin Law Review Member:
The Wisconsin Law Review is reviewing submissions over the summer, and will be prepared to make offers for publication. However, the pace of review will be slower during the summer (from now until Labor Day).
5.2.2007 10:59pm
UC Davis Law Review is accepting submissions for the summer, but our review process won't pick back up until this fall.
5.2.2007 11:31pm
Lead Articles Editor:
BYU Law Review is considering articles submitted over the summer.
5.3.2007 1:32am
Articles Editor:
The Buffalo Law Review is among the Top 50 law reviews in the country (while the school itself is not Top 50) and I'm taking a break from reading submissions to type this response.
5.3.2007 9:35am
Editor (mail):
The George Mason Law Review will consider submissions until the end of May / early June, and then will begin reviewing submissions again in August.
5.3.2007 7:20pm