"Monday Morning Quarterback" Law + Shout-Out:

The Seventh Circuit tells us:

Trial tactics are a matter of professional judgment, and ... we will not play “Monday morning quarterback”1 when reviewing claims that an attorney rendered constitutionally deficient representation in making decisions on how best to handle a case.

1 Of course, “Monday morning quarterback” is now passé since the advent of “Tuesday Morning Quarterback,” the terrific column regularly posted by Gregg Easterbrook on ESPN.com. See NLRB v. Cook County, 283 F.3d 888, 895 n.[4] (7th Cir. 2002). In light of the column and the marquee “Monday Night Football” NFL games from September through December each year, we think the term “Monday morning quarterback,” from now on, should go the way of the drop-kick, the “T” formation, the Statue of Liberty play, and offensive tackles who weigh less than 300 pounds. From now on, a second-guesser should be called a “Tuesday Morning Quarterback.”

Coincidentally, Gregg Easterbrook is the brother of Seventh Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook, who did not write the opinion but was on the panel.

Thanks to Greg Weber for the pointer.