Column Width on Internet Explorer:

The figures in some of the posts below are causing the site to appear too wide on Internet Explorer. I'm not sure, though, why this is so -- I've changed the IMG tags to specify WIDTH="60%", and they indeed don't seem too wide, even given that the text of the post appears in a column that's less wide than the whole screen. Can any tech mavens let me know what the problem likely is? Many thanks!

Vinnie (mail):
Internet Explorer
5.1.2007 2:19pm
eforhan (mail):
I don't do this professionally, but setting a total width for the page's body or the maintable may be a good start.
5.1.2007 2:23pm
Steve P. (mail):
It's an issue with volokh_graph.jpg. Instead of setting a percentage (which really doesn't work all that wonderfully in tables in IE), just set an explicit pixel width. Example:

<img src="files/volokh_graph.jpg" width="300px;">
5.1.2007 2:31pm
Steve P. (mail):
To clarify — tables are weak, and cells are pushed by their contents (with the exception of words, which can wrap if necessary). That image is too large, and expands the table cell. Setting the width to 60% means that it takes up 60% of the cell it's in, which was determined by the full size of the image. At least with divs and such you can give them the overflow:hidden property, but no luck with tables.

One thing that works in IE7 is the max-width property:
<img src="files/volokh_graph.jpg" style="max-width:300px">

Except, of course, this doesn't work for IE 6 and earlier.
5.1.2007 2:53pm
The Shadow:
I like it the way it is now. I no longer have to scroll back and forth to read the content. Of course, the ads and blogroll and so on run off the right side of the screen, but that's not a bug, it's a feature!
5.1.2007 2:57pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Steve P.: Thanks very much, that did it!
5.1.2007 8:48pm