The Opinions -- and the Video -- in Scott v. Harris:
The opinion in Scott v. Harris is here. Also, the Court has on its own initiative posted a copy of the videotape of the chase at the Supreme Court's website. The video is here.
F. Reede (mail) (www):
The Court's decision to use RealMedia weakens my faith in the federal judiciary.
4.30.2007 12:42pm
informed reader (mail):
Will the bound volume of the US reports include its own RealMedia player?
4.30.2007 12:49pm
John Burgess (mail) (www):
I, too, question the USSC reliance on Real Media. That, IMO and in my experience, is just about the worst media platform in existence. It can, however, be relied upon to completely destroy operating systems.
4.30.2007 2:00pm
Someone should upload this to YouTube
4.30.2007 2:26pm
arbitraryaardvark (mail) (www):
Is this the first opinion with video? Is this the new trend?
4.30.2007 2:54pm
It is simply awesome to live in the digital age. It is also somewhat scary, because video taping by its very nature skews the event. Angle, light, choice of taping methods (hi-lo resolution, speed, etc.) all combine to make a video a potentially powerful propaganda medium. Add to that that juries (and now Justices) have great faith in the accuracy of what is conveyed in Video. It is scary. And it is exciting.
4.30.2007 5:06pm