Nice Words About Academic Legal Writing:

Here's an unsolicited e-mail I got last week, from Anne Conaway:

Hello. I'm a Ph.D. student in mass communication, focusing on media law and policy, at the Univ. of Oregon. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing chapter one of your book. I'm in my second year of the program, and this chapter is exactly what I've been looking for--NEEDING--but unable to find. It's thoughtful, comprehensive, easy to read, practical, just really, really great!

For more on the book, including reactions from law students and information about how to get it, see here.

Is the point of this post just straight-up self glorification? I guess thats par for the course here lately, right up with Sasha's 9 part reflection on the marvel that is his article on privatization and prisons.

Its a given that blogs are inherently somewhat self-centered, but come on... this is just lame.
4.30.2007 5:19pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
(1) The point of Sasha's post was to convey his ideas -- the same as the point of his article, and the point of most posts. That's "self-centered" only in the sense that most opinion writing and scholarly writing is self-centered; it spreads one's own ideas, not someone else's, but that's fine.

(2) The point of my post was to get people to buy my book, much like the point of jacket blurbs is to get people to buy the book, or the point of various ads we run is to get people to buy the products being sold. I guess that's "self-centered" on the advertiser's part (in this instance, mine), but that's pretty much the nature of advertising.
4.30.2007 6:30pm
Joe Bingham (mail):
The only thing worse than nasty people is anonymously nasty people.

I have a criticism of the book, myself: Though I'm still an undergrad, and not in a great position to use it yet, it's still so interesting as to distract me from my finals and term papers.

Curse you!
4.30.2007 9:12pm
Donna B. (mail) (www):
I gave a personalized copy of the book to my daughter and son-in-law three years ago. My daughter not only made law review, she was the editor (not a job I'd really recommend!)
4.30.2007 9:21pm
Leah Guildenstern (www):
I find unimpressed's comment particularly amusing on a blog that I regularly wonder why I read it in a feed reader since I usually open almost all of the posts to read the full post (and often the comments.)

Of course bloggers who publish books will promote them on their blog - their blog readers are probably interested in the books. Just like we are interested in the articles published in magazines and reviews. That's part of why we come here.
5.1.2007 12:17am