Judge Kozinski and the Blogosphere:
Professor Eric Goldman recently hosted a talk with Judge Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit that touched on Kozinski's views about blogs:
  ERIC GOLDMAN: So but what about blogs? . . .
  JUDGE ALEX KOZINSKI: I hate them, hateful things.
  ERIC GOLDMAN: Why do you hate blogs? . . . .
  JUDGE ALEX KOZINSKI: I just think it's so self-indulgent, you know. "Oh, I'm so proud of what I'm saying, I think the world instantly wants to know what I'm thinking today." People wake up thinking, . . . . "I wonder what great thoughts have come into his mind this morning that I can feel myself edified by. I can't really have breakfast — really enjoy my day — until I hear the great thoughts of Howard Bashman!"
  I don't think so. I go for months without ever knowing what Howard has to say. So I don't know. I find it sort of self-indulgent. And I find it grandiloquent. And I find it annoying, particularly if I'm in an audience and people are sitting there typing in their computers.
  Listening to the tape, it sounds like Judge Kozinski is exaggerating a bit for comic effect. Still, I guess his views have changed a lot since his campaign to be elected the #1 Male Superhottie of the Federal Judiciary.

  Hat tip: Howard, naturally.