My (Tenuous) Ties to Armand Hammer:

I was just looking over the transcript of an interview I did with my late grandmother a couple of decades ago, and at some point my grandfather interjected

Grandpa: You want to know who my doctor was when my sisters were born? Armand Hammer. David: Really? Grandpa: He was the local doctor at that time in the Bronx and he was a socialist [as was my grandfather and great-grandfather].

According to Wikipedia, "Hammer was born in Manhattan, New York and attended Columbia College and then medical school at Columbia University as a young man; he received his medical license in 1924 and, though he never practiced medicine, he relished being referred to as 'Dr. Hammer.'"

Well, either Wikipedia is wrong, or my grandfather was wrong. I'm guessing the former; when I was a boy, I'd sit with my grandfather and watch the (old version of) Jeopardy and he'd amaze me by getting just about every answer right, leading me to constantly beg him to go on the show. (To which he always responded with an old-Jewish mannish, "Eh, what do I need that for?")