Follow-Up to LL.M. Query:

Apropos my post below, could I re-ask the question, in search of fairly narrowly focused answers? The student will be going to an LL.M. program; I was wondering which of the options -- NYU, Virginia, and possibly George Washington -- is likely to most increase the student's chances of getting a clerkship and a teaching job. If you have some sense of the programs (or at least one of the programs), or of the clerkship and teaching market, I'd much appreciate some helpful advice on this.

Here is the full earlier post: A former student who is considering NYU's, Virginia's, and possibly GW's LL.M. program asks -- which schools are likely to do better at helping their LL.M. graduates get a judicial clerkship, and (ultimately) a law teaching job? (These are the general LL.M. programs, and not specialty LL.M.s, such as those in tax law, international law, or the like.)

Naturally, much depends on the student's credentials, performance in the program, and writing during and after the program; and much also depends on the student's interest. But which program is likely to help the student more, by providing the better education, the better credential, or the better placement help?

I'd love to know your answers to this, both for this student's sake and for the sake of other students who might have a similar question in the future.

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