Conference on Regulation of Economic Innovation:

George Mason University School of Law and Microsoft Corporation announce the first in an annual series of conferences on The Law and Economics of Innovation.

Information is available here.

Here's the program description:

The Regulation of Innovation and Economic Growth

The George Mason/Microsoft Conference Series on the Law and Economics of Innovation will bring together leading academics to present and discuss new scholarship touching on diverse aspects of a key question affecting the technology industry and the process of innovation. Each conference will conclude with a roundtable discussion among top technology industry representatives and regulators to begin to assess the concrete implications of the scholarship for the development of innovative industries.

This first conference in the series will address the complex problem of regulation and how regulation fosters or impedes economic growth through innovation: How should a jurisdiction, particularly an emerging or developing economy, approach its IP or its antitrust regime if it seeks to maximize economic growth—to optimize the role of innovation in growth?

Speakers at this year's conference include: Robert D. Cooter, University of California at Berkeley School of Law Keynote Address Keith N. Hylton, Boston University School of Law Marco Iansiti, Harvard Business School Douglas G. Lichtman, University of Chicago Law School Stan J. Liebowitz, University of Texas/Dallas School of Management Stephen E. Margolis, North Carolina State College of Management Howard A. Shelanski, University of California at Berkeley School of Law Daniel F. Spulber, Kellogg School of Management Joshua D. Wright, George Mason University School of Law Commenters/Moderators: Jonathan B. Baker, American University Washington College of Law Ronald A. Cass, Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Law Bruce H. Kobayashi, George Mason School of Law Randal Picker, University of Chicago Law School Participation is free of charge. Registration is required and lunch is included.

Space is limited.

Application for approval for 4.0 Virginia CLE credit hours (0.0 ethics) is pending with the Virginia Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board.

For further information, contact Melissa at lawconf [at] gmu [dot] edu.