How Not to Use PowerPoint:

A video on the Law LIbrarian blog offers some advice.

AlanP (mail):
My favorite is in power point
4.13.2007 11:16pm
Dave N (mail):
AlanP: You beat me to it. Both the YouTube clip that JA presents and the Gettysburg PowerPoint make the same excellent point:

PowerPoint is a tool. It is not a crutch.
4.14.2007 2:22am
It raises the floor alright, sometimes right up into the basement.
4.14.2007 9:02am
James Fulford (mail):
If you want to see serious PowerPointing, you need to watch Doug Zongker delivering his paper "Chicken Chicken Chicken" [Annals of Improbable Research, September-October 2006, pp 16-27(PDF)] as a PowerPoint presentation to the AAAS Humor Session.

Make sure you watch it all the way to the question period.
4.14.2007 8:49pm
Re: Chicken chicken chicken

4.15.2007 12:19am