Appearances in San Antonio:

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:00, I'll be speaking to the St. Mary's Law School Federalist Society on threats to civil liberties from antidiscrimination laws. Friday morning, I'll be appearing on a panel at the ABA Section on Litigation discussing state rules for the admissiblity of expert testimony and toxic tort litigation. If any VC readers are in the audience for either event, please introduce yourselves.

Albatross (www):
I am a reader who lives in San Antonio, but I will not be able to make it to either event. I wish I could, but I can't. In any case, welcome to our fair city.
4.12.2007 12:44am
I, too, live in San Antonio, and will not be able to attend. (Like Albatross, I wish I could.)

If you plan to spend some time in the River City ...

A walk along the Riverwalk is enjoyable (despite Mark Cuban's ill-considered remarks).
Can't miss the Alamo, which is adjacent to the Riverwalk.
A tour of the SA missions is always satisfying.
La Fogata has really good Mexican Food (and excellent fish bowl margaritas).
The Original Rudy's BBQ (Leon Springs) is great.
Cedar Creek Municipal and La Cantera golf courses have good, challenging greens. (La Cantera is where the Texas Open is held.)
If you bring the kids, the SA Zoo, Sea World, and Six Flags are always fun.

Gotta get back to work. Have fun.
4.12.2007 11:01am
pete (mail) (www):
I live in SA too, but can't make it.

Technically the Original Rudy's BBQ is the worst BBQ in Texas. I recommend their half-chicken.
4.12.2007 1:34pm

Very true. Worst is best.
4.12.2007 9:45pm