Sunday Song Lyric:
Listening to Arcade Fire, I can't help being reminded of Echo and the Bunnymen. Arcade Fire utilizes a broader range of instruments, and are more engaging on stage, but if I close my eyes I can imagine Ian McCulloch singing many of their songs.

One of the many good songs on their new album, Neon Bible, is "Keep the Car Running." Here are the opening lyrics:
Every night my dream's the same.
Same old city with a different name.
Men are coming to take me away.
I don't know why, but I know I can't stay.

There's a weight that's pressing down.
Late at night I can hear the sound.
Even the noise you make when you sleep.
Can't swim across a river so deep.
Here is Arcade Fire performing the song on SNL. Here they are on Letterman, and here they are performing with David Bowie (who was an early fan).
Kovarsky (mail):
Wow, great comparison. Songs to Learn and Sing is one of my favorite albums.

I don't know what it is with this Bruce Springsteen revival thing, but between "Keep the Car Running" and "Antichrist Television Blues," arcade fire is falling into line with the rest of the indie bands that are just really into the Boss these days. I think it started to happen when Badly Drawn Boy would do nothing but earnestly cover 3 hours of Springsteen songs on his American tour right after he won the Mercury Prize that year.

The critical press with Neon Bible has just gotten out of control - it's like a Robert Altman movie.
4.8.2007 11:04am
Pendulum (mail):
My roomate's predominantly into jam bands, Bob Dylan, and the Talking Heads. Arcade Fire are the only indy band I've managed to make an impression on him with. God knows I've tried.
4.8.2007 4:09pm
Kovarsky (mail):

You can tell him that David Byrne's a huge Arcade Fire enthusiast. He's played with them a few times.
4.8.2007 4:28pm
Pendulum (mail):
Really? I wonder if there's youtube of that...

But, yes, I was shocked when I heard "Funeral" coming out from behind his door.
4.8.2007 5:13pm
whoa, no kidding. but Neon Bible is no Ocean Rain and there's no Will Sergeant in Arcade Fire
4.8.2007 5:54pm