Sunday Song Lyric:
Listening to Arcade Fire, I can't help being reminded of Echo and the Bunnymen. Arcade Fire utilizes a broader range of instruments, and are more engaging on stage, but if I close my eyes I can imagine Ian McCulloch singing many of their songs.

One of the many good songs on their new album, Neon Bible, is "Keep the Car Running." Here are the opening lyrics:
Every night my dream's the same.
Same old city with a different name.
Men are coming to take me away.
I don't know why, but I know I can't stay.

There's a weight that's pressing down.
Late at night I can hear the sound.
Even the noise you make when you sleep.
Can't swim across a river so deep.
Here is Arcade Fire performing the song on SNL. Here they are on Letterman, and here they are performing with David Bowie (who was an early fan).