Did Gonzales Ignore Red Flags on Kerik?

The Washington Post has an extensive story about the White Hose vetting of Bernard Kerik, who President Bush nominated to be Secretary of of Homeland Security. Although the background investigation turned up many potential problems, Bush went ahead with the nomination, only to have Kerik withdraw under a cloud.

According to the Post account, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales played a key role in vetting Kerik and, it seems, short-circuiting the process. If this account is correct, this is another example of the AG's poor performance.

On a related note, this morning on Fox News Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joined the ranks of those calling for Gonzales to resign for his clear "performance failure" in his handling of the U.S. attorney controversy.

David Maquera (mail) (www):
Alberto Gonzales is turning into a lousy role model for latino/hispanic attorneys like myself.
4.8.2007 10:39am
It may be another example of Alberto Gonzales's poor performance, but he was White House Counsel at the time.
4.8.2007 11:58am
Davebo (mail):
Seems pretty damning to Rudy as well. Or at least it should be.

But then, who's suprised? The guy goes from being the Mayor's driver to Chief of Police. If that didn't raise any eyebrows then everyone must have had their eyes shut tight.
4.8.2007 1:08pm
plunge (mail):
Glad to know that the biggest sin today is not corrupting the justice system with incompetence, partisan prosecutions, and a destruction of professionalism, but rather not handling the PR spin side of a scandal well enough to please Newt Gingrich.
4.8.2007 10:09pm
fishbane (mail):
I'm glad our hosts can provide a blinder-free forum, off and on.
4.8.2007 11:41pm