Senators (or Representatives) and Guns:

Apropos the incident involving Senator Webb's aide, can anyone point me to the relevant legal rules about whether Senators and Representatives may themselves carry guns in D.C.? I've heard varying things on the subject, and I'd love to see some authoritative citations. Thanks!

UPDATE: Roll Call reports,

Although the D.C. prohibition against firearms was put into place in 1975, under a provision in federal law Members of Congress and their staffs are in essence given the right to bear arms on Capitol grounds.

According to Capitol Police Board regulations established in 1967, Members and their aides are allowed to transport licensed firearms on the Capitol grounds in the course of carrying out their official duties provided the weapons are "unloaded and securely wrapped." (Directives published in recent years also state that staff must be verified by Capitol Police.)

Although the regulations expressly prohibit weapons on the floor of either chamber, as well as in the adjacent lobbies, cloakrooms and galleries, individual Members are allowed to "maintain firearms within the confines of [their] office."

But while Members and aides would technically have to violate District law just to transport a handgun to the Hill, Capitol Police are not under any obligation to report the offense to D.C. authorities.

I'm not sure, though, just what the relevant "provision in federal law" is; nor am I sure that the Members lack an exemption from District law -- as I said, I'd love to have some pointers to the precise laws involved. Thanks to Joe Olson and FreeRide for alerting me to the Roll Call story.