The 30 Minute Seder:

I blogged this last year, but "The 30 Minute Seder" now comes in a new and improved edition. It's an excellent text, I think, for those who want a short Seder service with all the traditional elements of the Seder, but don't want to go through the whole Haggadah (which is full of tangentially relevant rabbinic debates, yet somehow never manages to actually tell the whole story of the Exodus, as the Torah commands). Note: I don't know the author, and have no financial or other interest in this text.

For the more ambitious, I ran a Seder for the first time last year, and found this book very helpful.

Feel free to post Seder suggestions in the comments below.

UPDATE: Professor Donna Robinson Divine emails: If you want to trigger genuine intellectual excitement, you might use A DIFFERENT NIGHT, a family participation Haggadah put together by Noam Zion and David Dishon from the Hartman Institute in Israel.

On the Rabbinic commentary, there are scholars who claim these are really discussions about whether or not to initiate a revolt against Roman rule. It does have some direct bearing on the idea of liberation.