The Persian Version:

Iran's complaints about 300 reminded me of the following. (I literally mean just reminded me; the two kinds of complaint aren't structurally similar, just similar enough that one triggers thoughts of the other.) Thanks to Sasha for first introducing me to this, many years ago.

The Persian Version, by Robert Graves

Truth-loving Persians do not dwell upon
The trivial skirmish fought near Marathon.
As for the Greek theatrical tradition
Which represents that summer's expedition
Not as a mere reconnaisance in force
By three brigades of foot and one of horse
(Their left flank covered by some obsolete
Light craft detached from the main Persian fleet)
But as a grandiose, ill-starred attempt
To conquer Greece -- they treat it with contempt;
And only incidentally refute
Major Greek claims, by stressing what repute
The Persian monarch and the Persian nation
Won by this salutary demonstration:
Despite a strong defence and adverse weather
All arms combined magnificently together.