NPR Weekend Edition on the Jihadist Father Gag Order Case:

Hear Scott Simon's mellifluous voice, plus my voice, here. It's about 4.5 minutes, which is an eternity in national radio time; I was delighted that NPR was interested in the story.

John (mail):

Really nicely done! I especially liked your point that in different eras different (and contradictory) subjects were banned (e.g., in earlier times kids were kept away from pro-homosexuality parents, while today they may be kept away from anti-homosexuality ones). One likes to idealize the law as somewhat constant, or uniform, but when the test is "the best interests of the child," and social mores change, I guess you can see this happening.

I also liked your point, which rings true, that many people would give up all their other first amendment rights just to be able to teach what they believe to their children.

This is a really interesting, tough, and, I think, pretty important set of issues. Thanks for posting on it.
2.10.2007 10:54pm