Alito Reflects on His First Year:
In the latest Legal Times, Tony Mauro has a very interesting interview with Justice Alito about Alito's first year on the Court. Definitely worth reading. I think Alito's take on the Court's docket and role of the cert pool is exactly right, too. (LvHB)

  UPDATE: While I'm on the topic of agreeing with Justice Alito, let me point out this interesting comment from him after presiding over GW's moot court last week, as reported by the GW Hatchet:
  Alito said that the [moot court] case was very relevant to modern law. What constitutes a "search and seizure" online is a critical law debate and is constantly reshaping the Fourth Amendment, he said.
  "Now we're entering this new virtual world," Alito said, "and we have to translate the precedents and principles we have dealing with physical grounds to the world of electronic communication."