1937 Court-Packing Editorial Cartoons:

Prof. Alasdair Roberts notes that Feb. 6 is the 70th anniversary of Roosevelt's presenting his Supreme Court-packing proposal; to mark this, he's put up a selection of Feb. 1937 and March 1937 editorial cartoons here (to go from cartoon to cartoon, use the arrows at the bottom of the page, which might require you to scroll down a bit on your screen). Very interesting stuff.

Disclaimer: I'm passing this along just because it is a very interesting window on that era, not to express any view on Roosevelt, the Court-packing plan, 1937, or anything else.

Guest44 (mail) (www):
cartoons are good, but it seems misleading about the new deal. FDR got his way in 1937, with Jones &Laughlin Steel and West Coast Hotel, right?
1.25.2007 5:54pm
wt (www):
The amazing this is the not-so-subtle cartoon that compares FDR to Hitler. And this was before Godwin's rule even.
1.25.2007 5:57pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
I think people were allowed to mention Hitler in 1939.

The more interesting question is this: Who did people of the time compare Hitler to?
1.25.2007 6:22pm
Those are interesting, but unfortunately just a sample. I wonder what a survey of more cartoons from that time would show. I thought the public was generally opposed to FDR's plan, but all those cartoons could've been compiled to specifically highlight the outliers.
1.25.2007 6:22pm
BobH (mail):
Fascinating stuff. Thanks.
1.25.2007 6:40pm
some guy:
Compare Hitler (pre-39, pre-war and pre- Holocaust) to . . .

Napoleon? He conquered much of Europe and couldn't hold it, and should not have invaded Russia.

Woodrow Wilson, who combined racism and statism?
1.25.2007 9:24pm
Brian G (mail) (www):
Are you sure these aren't anti-Bush cartoons? Some of the charges against FDR sound exactly like the ones against Bush. The more things change.....
1.25.2007 11:53pm
Popular Presidents, or Presidents who think they're popular, will tend to do similar things. There are only so many ways an executive can pervert the Constitution to increase his power. (Of course some things, like the court-packing, really can only be done once).
1.26.2007 2:47am