My Piece on Sexual Regulations in Washington State Is on's Federation Today:

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So.... I'm married to a doctor that has, on occasion, treated minor ilnesses of mine. Does this mean we would have to stop either our medical or personal relationship if we move to Washington.

As an aside, from what I have heard and see of the show "Grey's Anatomy", at least several of the characters are in big trouble.....
1.24.2007 1:57pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Probably not, WAC 246-16-100 (which I linked to from the OpinionJournal piece) specifies:
(7) These rules do not prohibit: ...

(c) Providing health care services for a legitimate health care purpose to a person who is in a preexisting, established personal relationship with the health care provider where there is no evidence of, or potential for, exploiting the patient or client.
All depends on whether there is evidence of, or potential for, your spouse's exploiting you.
1.24.2007 2:10pm
Stating the Obvious:
If you're doing things right, there's ALWAYS potential for your spouse's exploiting you...
1.24.2007 2:28pm
Houston Lawyer:

My law partner has always wondered why you couldn't sue for fraudulent inducement when a divorce action is brought against you by your wife.
1.24.2007 4:56pm
My nephew had long treated his grandparents, particularly my father whose dementia takes the form of being particularly aggressive (vlume and emotional heat, only) to all but (a) his wife and (b) his male descendants. He has been adviced that medicare rules prohibit this relationship.

We expect my father's primary care to get considerably more difficult.
1.25.2007 3:26pm
Wow. I'd hate to be the dental hygenist in a small county in rural Washington State.

"Of course you can date, just no one who is closely related to anyone who lives within a hundred miles of here."

And some people wonder why we have a shortage of qualified medical personel in this country.

Isn't Washington the state in which the loss of a woman's virginity is always a criminal offense? Or is that an urban legend?
1.26.2007 5:07pm