Symposium on "Search and Seizure in a Digital Age":
On Friday, I'm going to be participating in a terrific symposium at Stanford that might be of interest to VC readers: Search & Seizure in the Digital Age, hosted by the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Criminal Justice Center and Stanford Technology Law Review. The symposium will run all day at the Stanford Law School, and has a terrific lineup of presenters and commenters. If you're into these issues, it's definitely worth checking out.
AK - Cleveland (mail):
Recent high-profile legal cases have involved government requests for user identification and content from technological giants such as Apple and Google...

I know about the Google case, but what Apple case are they referring to? I googled this several different ways but I couldn't find anything.
1.22.2007 11:37pm
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
Can it be put on video or somegthing for those of us 3200 miles away? I would be very interested in hearing the discussion.
1.23.2007 2:43am
Will a podcast appear on the linked page? If not, will you post a link to one when it becomes available? Thanks.
1.23.2007 2:58am
New World Dan (www):
This is one area that drives me nuts. I can't think of one single case where conventional law was inadequate to address 4th amendment issues in the "Digital Age". Internet records are really no different than phone, library or financial records. That, of course, hasn't stopped politicians, lawyers and judges from making it more complicated than it is, though.
1.23.2007 1:44pm