Bellinger's Last Words:

State Department attorney John Bellinger has a wrap-up post at Opinio Juris responding to his critics. Of all the various officials asked to defend the administration's policies in the war on terror, Bellinger is among the most articulate and nuanced. I am surprised the adminsitration doesn't put him out front more often.

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John (mail):
For those who are interested in the intersection of international law and the war on terror, but haven't been following Bellinger's posts at Opinio Juris, and the various responsive posts and comments, I strongly recommend doing so. In contrast to much blogospheric commentary on these subjects, nearly everything over at Opinio Juris on this has been thoughtful, well reasoned (on all sides) and civil.

A very enjoyable and rewarding experience!

And thanks to J.A. for the pointer.
1.21.2007 2:32pm
The Administration has done a dreadful job defending its policies on the GWOT.
1.21.2007 4:08pm
annej (mail) (www):
I doubt whether this was the last we've heard from mr. Bellinger. First of all because the title of his last post was "Wrap Up Discussion I".
1.21.2007 6:06pm
AntonK (mail):
Hmmmm, "nuanced." Who, aside from Jonathan Adler uses that word with some frequence? Ah yes, John Kerry!

Adler, Kerry...... Has sort of a catchy ring to it.
1.21.2007 8:10pm