Fred Fielding to be the Next White House Counsel:
So reports Time Magazine, link via Bench Memos. An excellent pick: Fielding is a real pro, having worked in the White House Counsel's Office in the 1970s and having served as Reagan's Counsel from 1981 to 1986. His law firm bio is here.

  This reminds me of Clinton's naming Lloyd Cutler to serve as his Counsel when the Whitewater situation was heating up. Like Fielding, Cutler was a major figure who had served as White House Counsel in a previous administation and was a name partner of a large DC law firm.
I thought he was dead.
1.8.2007 11:35pm
Visitor Again:
Not dead, but the ultimate survivor. He skated through Watergate despite his close association with John Dean and survived the Reagan Administration with his squeaky clean reputation intact. Third time into the breach now.
1.9.2007 5:09am
Jim Rhoads (mail):
The reason, Visitor? Fred is a first class human being and has a first class legal mind. Even the NYT seems to agree.
1.9.2007 10:09am