If the Devil Wears Prada,

wouldn't it be specially adapted Prada for Cloven Hooves?

Goobermunch (mail):
The answer, is that by forcing his/her cloven hooves into Prada shoes, the Devil is in such pain that he/she is a meanie.

The truth is, without Prada, there'd be no evil in the world.

1.8.2007 3:12pm
that's still Prada, no?
1.8.2007 3:21pm
Cato (mail):
As my wife will tell you, Prada is much more than shoes.
1.8.2007 3:23pm
Armen (mail) (www):
Hogwash! It just sickens me to see to this day the ancient anti-Cloven hoovistic stereotypes perpetuated by such learned scholars.
1.8.2007 3:28pm
Nate F (mail):

As my wife will tell you, Prada is much more than shoes.

I am not ashamed to admit that one of the first thing's I'm buying myself when I finish my masters and start making decent money is a Prada suit. Seriously, their suits for men? Fantastic.
1.8.2007 3:49pm
I was taught the devil is real and can come in the form of man. In fact, there have been reports of recent sightings in the US.
1.8.2007 5:26pm
S.A. Miller (mail) (www):
Wow, happylee! Troll much?
1.8.2007 5:34pm

Prada is much more than shoes.

Nicole Richie: "Have you ever tried to get cow s--- out of a Prada purse? It's not so f---ing easy."
1.9.2007 12:20am
not to join in the trolling out:
but i gotta admit -- that standard-issue picture of W is seriously freaky. i don't understand why they picked it.
1.9.2007 1:49am
Sigivald (mail):
Interestingly, this topic is roughly addressed by at least two popular music songs:

"Sling-back pumps for a cloven hoof", from a Foetus song, and "high in my cloven heels", from a Cardigans song.

What this means is uncertain, except that the idea of shoes for or about cloven hooves pre-dates the film.
1.9.2007 12:24pm
NickM (mail) (www):
Don't forget the special kickpleat to accommodate the tail.

1.9.2007 1:36pm
Just Dropping By (mail):
"wouldn't it be specially adapted Prada for Cloven Hooves?"

Presumably the Devil buys "bespoke".
1.10.2007 12:04pm
The devil can wear normal shoes.
1.10.2007 10:37pm