How To Win Friends and Influence People:

I got a packet in the mail, with this hand-printed notation:

This is an extra copy of a draft that I had to update so instead of throwing it away, I am sending away, I am sending it to you. You may learn something, even though you probably are a liberal teaching at a liberal law school.


Mike BUSL07 (mail):
well, that's ironic; winning friends alright.
1.2.2007 5:25pm
John Armstrong (mail):
I'm going to miss not being as much in the sights of these psychoceramicists when I'm no longer faculty at such a prestigious institution. Just last week we got hit with an unsolicited email from one who isn't even a mathematician. Brilliant.
1.2.2007 5:29pm
Usually when I get junk mail, the sender is much less honest about his intentions.
1.2.2007 5:36pm
Kovarsky (mail):
yeah, doesn't this idiot know you're a veterinarian?
1.2.2007 5:39pm
Tek Jansen:
Please let me know what you think, or if you find any typos for edits in the next version.
1.2.2007 5:39pm
ReVonna LaSchatze:

If you were Glenn Reynolds, you'd be reviewing things like that.
1.2.2007 5:51pm
Brooks Lyman (mail):
Well, are you going to share his (or her) pearls of wisdom with us peasants out here? Or is it unfit for insertion in a family publication?
1.2.2007 5:54pm
crane (mail):
I'll second the request for a summary of the contents. Is it even tangentially connected with the study of law?
1.2.2007 6:14pm
Chris Fulmer:
Oh, geez. I'm sorry. My bad. I meant to send *that* draft over to Judge Easterbrook over at the University of Chicago. I'm a bit embarassed -- this means that Judge Easterbrook probably got the law journal article I wrote about Marbury v. Madison.
1.2.2007 6:20pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
enough carrot-dangling, we want names.
1.2.2007 6:23pm
Tom R:
How wide off the mark is my initial guess that this "draft" was written entirely in green pen and intituled something like "Against the Lies and Corruptions of Kissinger and his Hirelings of the Warren Commission, As Foretold Of Blessed Malachi"?
1.2.2007 6:33pm
Hmmmmm.....So he only sends the run-on sentences to Liberals? Do the Conservatives get Haiku?
1.2.2007 7:41pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Brooks Lyman: I'm afraid that I can't, since I promptly filed the package in the proper place in my office.
1.2.2007 7:55pm
Tek Jansen:
I'm afraid that I can't, since I promptly filed the package in the proper place in my office.

This seems to be the proper place for Max Reger's quote,

I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your [draft] before me. In a moment it will be behind me."
1.2.2007 8:20pm
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
Ther it is -- the anti-autism cure.
1.2.2007 9:06pm
Justin (mail):
Man, if thee were only more conservative law reviews :)
1.2.2007 11:20pm
Tom R:
Two succesive posts misspelling "there" in two different ways?
1.3.2007 8:01am
Was the draft written in tiny -- but extraordinarily neat -- printing that began at the center of the page and spiraled outward in a whirling, hypnotic vortex of madness? Because if it was, I THINK I KNOW THAT GUY!
1.3.2007 11:53am
But did you read the draft?
1.3.2007 11:57am
An0n -- yeah, he lives in Dark City.
1.3.2007 9:59pm